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When Should Men Consider Male Shockwave Therapy?

Dr. Thomas Burke | 01/28/2023

Men should consider male shockwave therapy when they can no longer engage in fulfilling intercourse or experience other sexual issues.


How Does a Doctor Diagnose Erectile Dysfunction?

Dr. Thomas Burke | 01/23/2023

Doctors diagnose erectile dysfunction (ED) through numerous assessments, including a physical exam, blood tests, urinalysis, and ultrasound.


What You Should Know About Shockwave Therapy for ED

Dr. Thomas Burke | 01/14/2023

Male shockwave therapy offers an advanced, efficient, and accessible treatment option for erectile dysfunction (ED).


Can Being Obese Put me at Risk for Erectile Dysfunction?

Dr. Thomas Burke | 12/29/2022

Obesity is a significant factor that can negatively influence sexual health and increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.


How Can Stress be Managed to Help Reduce Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms?

Dr. Thomas Burke | 12/26/2022

Stress management strategies can be instrumental in treating erectile dysfunction and reducing the symptoms of ED.


What Are the Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Dr. Thomas Burke | 12/08/2022

Erectile dysfunction (ED) has many physical causes, including circulatory or nervous system problems, chronic conditions, and lifestyle factors.


What Can I do to Help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction?

Dr. Thomas Burke | 11/30/2022

One of the best, simplest, safest ways to prevent erectile dysfunction is to explore the many benefits of male shockwave therapy.


How Long Can Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms Last?

Dr. Thomas Burke | 11/18/2022

The symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) vary by patient, but you can reduce their length and severity by following certain treatment strategies.


How Can Erectile Dysfunction be Managed at Home?

Dr. Thomas Burke | 11/18/2022

You can manage erectile dysfunction (ED) at home in numerous ways, including through proper diet practices and exercise.


What Age Are Men Likely to Experience ED Symptoms?

Dr. Thomas Burke | 10/30/2022

The age of onset for erectile dysfunction varies by individual, but its prevalence increases with age. Find out how LI-ESWT can help with ED.


Can the Girth be Enhanced With Male Shockwave Therapy?

Dr. Thomas Burke | 10/28/2022

Male shockwave therapy can provide transformative results, including improved blood flow for healthier erections and enhanced girth.


What Are the Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Men?

Dr. Thomas Burke | 10/21/2022

Erectile dysfunction (ED) has many causes: underlying health conditions, lifestyle factors, medications, and negative mental states like stress.


Three Ways to Help Your Partner Cope With Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Thomas Burke | 09/26/2022

Those with erectile dysfunction (ED) shouldn't have to go it alone, and the following strategies can help your partner enjoy an optimal outcome.


What Questions Should You Ask Your Doctor About Erectile Dysfunction?

Dr. Thomas Burke | 09/18/2022

Male shockwave therapy offers a revolutionary treatment for erectile dysfunction. Keep the following questions in mind while exploring your options.


Did Smoking Cause Your Erectile Dysfunction?

Dr. Thomas Burke | 09/10/2022

Smoking can cause or exacerbate erectile dysfunction (ED) by damaging the circulatory system, including the blood vessels in the penis.


When Should a Man Visit the Doctor if He Suspects He has ED?

Dr. Thomas Burke | 08/21/2022

Timely diagnosis can lead to the best treatment outcomes, so there’s no reason to hesitate if you are concerned about ED or general sexual health.


How Safe is Male Shockwave Therapy?

Dr. Thomas Burke | 08/19/2022

Are you wondering if male shockwave therapy is safe or how it can help with erectile dysfunction? Find the answers here.


Can Exercise Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

Dr. Thomas Burke | 08/12/2022

Exercise and other healthy living initiatives can play an essential role in improving your sexual health and overall well-being.


Will Sexual Desire Increase After Male Shockwave Therapy?

Dr. Thomas Burke | 07/29/2022

Male shockwave therapy can improve many facets of your life, including your sexual desire, performance, and sensation.


Four Things to Avoid With Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Thomas Burke | 07/23/2022

Avoiding certain things, like inactivity, poor dietary choices, smoking and drinking, and managing your health, can vastly improve your ED outcome.


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