Can Being Obese Put me at Risk for Erectile Dysfunction?

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Sexual health depends on overall health. Yet millions of individuals are burdened by chronic conditions such as obesity. These conditions put your total wellness at stake and can increase your risk of erectile dysfunction.

But Dr. Thomas Burke is here to help you achieve an optimal outcome, through a comprehensive wellbeing initiative that includes lifestyle modifications and male shockwave therapy. Your first step toward better sexual health is to reach out to us at Burke Wellness in Newark, DE!

Can obesity put me at risk for erectile dysfunction?

Obesity can majorly affect multiple body-wide conditions, including erectile dysfunction. Obesity overtaxes all bodily systems, especially the circulatory system, and blood flow has a significant impact on sexual health. Blood flow is also somewhat dependent on the functioning of the nervous systems, as nerves within the penis must properly activate in response to arousal. These nerves send signs to increase circulation into the penile tissues, where incoming blood must be trapped for men to achieve an erection that’s firm and long-lasting enough to allow for intercourse.

In addition to obesity, many other health factors can sabotage the functions necessary for attaining and sustaining an erection. These health factors include chronic conditions that are, sadly, prevalent in today’s world, including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and others.

Yet you can afford to be enthusiastic, because our Burke Wellness physicians are excited to formulate an effective treatment plan for you. It may include lifestyle modifications, such as a proper diet that aims to avoid processed sugars, unhealthy fats, and other non-nutritious fare. In fact, many patients have had wonderful results (and not just in terms of ED) by adopting better eating habits.

And you may enjoy similar improvements by consuming much more nutrient-rich foods, including veggies, fruits, legumes, whole grains, healthy fats, nuts, seeds, and lean sources of protein. Exercise is also important; you can further enhance your outcome by being adamant about daily activity. But don’t worry about lifting heavy weights; even something light, like yoga or walking, can be a boon to everyday living.

Discover male shockwave therapy for additional enhancements

In addition to lifestyle modifications and management, we’re proud to offer the potentially life-changing benefits of male shockwave therapy: a modern modality that utilizes gentle sound waves to improve blood flow to and within the penis. Yet for all its possible rewards, this treatment is as easy as one could hope. There are no surgeries, side-effect-causing drugs, or vacuums involved.

You simply sit in our treatment room while our physicians pass a handheld device across the targeted areas. The sound waves will penetrate the penile tissues to attack ED at the source by stimulating circulation. And with extra blood flow, many patients have experienced significant improvements in function and sensation, along with the increased libido and confidence that accompanies a transformed performance.

Explore ED treatments at Burke Wellness

We understand that many factors influence erectile dysfunction. Obesity is an essential impactor, as it is with numerous other adverse conditions. Thankfully, Dr. Thomas Burke can provide the personalized plan to transform your overall health and sexual wellness. Additionally, a simple, 15-minute male shockwave therapy session can noninvasively improve your sexual health with zero downtime. And, after multiple sessions, your game-changing results could last a year or more.

Don’t sit on the sidelines any longer; win back your function and sensation through our personalized treatment plans in Newark, DE by contacting us today at Burke Wellness!

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