Can Depression Lead to Erectile Dysfunction?

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Overall health is vital to all bodily functions, including sexual well-being. Yet, mental wellness is an often overlooked aspect of one's sex life, and mental health disorders such as depression can lead to, or worsen, erectile dysfunction. But at Burke Wellness, our experienced team, led by Dr. Thomas Burke, is happy to help you achieve a better result through a comprehensive treatment plan that may involve lifestyle modifications as well as male shockwave therapy.

Contact us today to find out how this noninvasive, virtually painless therapeutic option can improve your function, sensation, and libido to help boost your confidence and performance in Newark, DE.

Can depression lead to erectile dysfunction?

Depression can impact erectile dysfunction and overall sexual performance. Multiple chronic conditions can lead to or exacerbate one's erectile dysfunction, including numerous mental health disorders. Along with depression, anxiety, and stress can also impact ED, whether they're the stressors of everyday life or the stresses caused by some chronic condition, be it mental or physical.

In fact, multiple studies have found links between depression and ED. For example, one study suggested that almost a quarter of men who struggle with sexual dysfunction also report depression, anxiety, or other mental anguish.

Additionally, another study found that men with depression were much more likely to experience the effects of erectile dysfunction. Plus, these issues can cause a cycle of worsening symptoms, as the decrease in sexual function, sensation, and libido can increase the negative thoughts and emotions associated with ED.

Physical factors also affect ED, including one's activity level and diet. Overall health is essential, and some of the unfortunately all-too-common conditions faced by millions of Americans can exacerbate ED risk and symptoms. Therefore, those who also have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, or other disorders are likelier to face the life-hampering issues that accompany reduced sexual health. Some medications can worsen ED, so we're eager to offer you a virtually painless, non-invasive, drug-free option in Newark, DE.

Male shockwave therapy offers multiple benefits without the drawbacks

Male shockwave therapy is a modern medical solution that avoids the side effects and drawbacks of older male-boosting techniques. It does away with scalpels, vacuums, and medications, replacing them with an invisible but potent therapeutic modality: sound waves. These "shock waves" cause no damage and almost no pain as they travel to the deeper tissues of the penis to affect tissues on a fundamental, cellular level.

After we pass the Alma Duo™ handpiece over the affected area, its acoustic action can boost blood flow to improve the circulatory function that helps fill the penis with blood. Circulatory dysfunction can be a significant contributor to ED, but improving blood flow and retention in the penile tissues can provide a game-changing treatment option that gets to the root of the problem.

Better yet, each session is considered painless, noninvasive, and only lasts about 15 minutes. And since the gentle-acting sound waves do not stress or harm the tissues, there's no downtime to endure. Plus, after about six sessions (your treatment plan may vary), you can potentially benefit from more than a year of improved sexual function.

Learn more about male shockwave therapy

Many men face the daily challenges and confidence-draining effects associated with erectile dysfunction. But you may not have to any longer because male shockwave therapy can give you the desired results without undesirable after-effects or downsides! Simply contact us today at Burke Wellness to explore your options with Dr. Thomas Burke in Newark, DE.

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