Can I Still Have Sex If I Have ED?

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Of the millions of men with erectile dysfunction (ED), many may feel reluctant to discuss their issues. But we strive to take all the anxiety out of sexual health treatments because we know that intimacy and sexual health are important facets of overall happiness and well-being.

And with advanced techniques, such as male shockwave therapy, you won’t have to risk your wellness to improve your function, sensation, and libido in Newark, DE. Contact Burke Wellness to learn more and discover how Dr. Thomas Burke can help you.

Can I still have sex if I have ED?

Generally, erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as the inability to achieve or sustain an erection that allows meaningful intercourse. Men with ED can still have a meaningful intimate life through other forms of sexual activity or intimacy with their partner. ED differs for each patient, so your specific scenario will not be the same as somebody else’s. It all depends on the degree of one’s condition, the causes of an individual’s ED, and how often it occurs.

Yet, taking these many and diverse factors into account is our job, and one we’re proud to fulfill. So, in addition to benefiting from clinically backed techniques and modern treatment methods, such as male shockwave therapy, you also receive our unique brand of compassionate, detail-attentive care in Newark, DE.

That means we’ll formulate a wellness plan specifically for you based on the cause, type, and severity of any sexual issues you may be facing. For example, many cases of ED may be caused by other health concerns. Individuals who practice proper eating habits and dedicate themselves to a regular fitness routine (even if it’s just light fitness) may enjoy progress, not just in terms of sexual wellness but also overall well-being.

Other lifestyle factors, such as smoking and alcohol consumption, affect sexual function. And treating any underlying conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, or stress, can help you achieve a better outcome.

Explore male shockwave therapy for improved sexual health and performance

Those feeling the effects of ED no longer have to settle for surgeries, vacuum-based procedures, or medication regimens. Instead, male shockwave therapy minimizes risk and removes the downsides and consequences of outdated techniques, so you won’t have to deal with lengthy downtimes, pain, or the potential side effects of drugs.

Male shockwave therapy works through a modern modality, sound waves. By delivering sound waves through the Alma Duo™ handpiece, we can stimulate blood flow deep within the penile tissues in a noninvasive and virtually pain-free way. And by kickstarting circulatory activity at the deepest level, many men can enjoy improved function, including increased libido, better performance, and enhanced sensation.

Plus, their partners may be just as pleased with the result.! And, of course, the boost in confidence is always welcomed. And without downtime, preparation, or aftercare considerations, this 15 – 20 minute treatment won’t cause hassle, require effort, or take up your time.

Find out how LI-ESWT can help with ED in Newark, DE

At Burke Wellness, male shockwave therapy offers multiple rewards for men with ED. Its gentle but effective mode of action makes it an outstanding option for those who have trouble achieving or maintaining an erection. The improved performance and sensation can help you and your loved one. So, contact us at Burke Wellness today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Thomas Burke in Newark, DE.

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