Can the Girth be Enhanced With Male Shockwave Therapy?

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We have great news for the millions of men who would like to improve their sexual health: male shockwave therapy is one of the most effective ways to do just that. Through the use of sound waves, Dr. Thomas Burke can provide long-lasting effects without any of the downsides of past treatment techniques; no drugs, no incisions, just potentially incredible results that can boost your confidence and help you enjoy better intimacy with your partner.

Male shockwave therapy works by delivering low-intensity sound waves into the deep tissues of the penis to increase circulation. The extra blood flow yields enhanced sensation and function and can even enhance girth, potentially providing an out-of-this-world performance.

Shockwave therapy can boast this combination of advantages without incurring the risk of significant downsides. So, if you would like to learn more, please reach out to us at Burke Wellness or pay us a visit in Newark, DE.

Can girth be enhanced with male shockwave therapy?

While the primary goal of male shockwave therapy isn’t to increase any specific dimensional aspect or overall size, it may indeed enhance one’s girth. How? Through its comprehensive, profound mode of action. The low-intensity sound waves produced by the Alma Duo™ shockwave handpiece are as effective as they are gentle.

Sound waves can travel (more or less) unimpeded to reach the deeper penile tissues, where they stimulate circulation and cell health on a fundamental level. As blood flow increases, many men experience the benefits of improved circulation. In addition to erection intensity, the extra blood allows better, firmer, longer-lasting erections. And as the penis is now engorged with more blood than before shockwave therapy, this can lead to enhanced girth for an overall better size.

What are the other advantages of male shockwave therapy?

But enhanced function, sensation, and appearance are only some of the benefits. You don’t have to trade effectiveness for inconvenience with male shockwave therapy. There’s no need for surgical procedures, outdated, vacuum-based treatments, or medicines that contain side-effect-causing substances. Shockwave therapy can provides long-lasting results without downtime since there isn’t anything to recover from.

It’s also a noninvasive procedure that only requires us to pass the Alma Duo handpiece over the target area. You’ll be done in about 20 minutes and may notice results within just two treatments. Overall, we generally suggest that men receive six total treatments across a span of three weeks. Afterward, the results could last for more than a year.

Discover how shockwave therapy can boost your sexual health and confidence

Male shockwave therapy is considered one of the biggest game-changers in sexual health, and it’s easy to see why. It offers quick and efficient results for many men who’d like to improve their performance and sensation. With the ability to achieve firmer, longer-lasting, improved erections, countless patients have transformed their sex lives and enjoyed better intimacy with their loved ones.

And Dr. Thomas Burke can help you enjoy these benefits as well, without enduring a painful procedure or an extended recovery period in Newark, DE. Simply contact us today to learn more at Burke Wellness.

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