Did Smoking Cause Your Erectile Dysfunction?

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Erectile dysfunction affects tens of millions of Americans. It’s not necessarily an age-related disorder, and men may struggle to consistently attain an erection that allows them to engage in fulfilling intercourse.

The consequences can be wide-ranging, affecting one’s confidence and relationships. The causes can be just as wide-ranging, but one proven cause is smoking. By damaging the circulatory system, smoking makes it harder for the blood vessels in the penis to function properly.

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Did smoking cause your erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction has multiple potential causes. And many lifestyle factors and variables can contribute to this ever-more common condition. Smoking is definitely among the risk factors and can play a significant role in overall health, as well as the prevalence and severity of ED. In addition to harming other body systems, the effects of smoking are especially detrimental to the circulatory system.

Among other types of damage, cigarette smoke injures the blood vessels and decreases their function. And since the ability to achieve and maintain erections is inextricably linked to the health of these structures, it’s clear that smoking can have a serious impact. For example, an erection requires two actions from two body systems. First, when arousal occurs, nerves in the penis send a signal that tells the circulatory system to increase penile blood flow.

The blood is temporarily trapped in the penile tissues to allow for an erection that maintains its firmness throughout intercourse. Once complete, the nerves again send signals, causing the blood to leave the penis. Therefore, even if the nervous system is working perfectly, erections may be difficult or impossible to achieve and maintain if the vessels are damaged, and the circulatory system cannot do its job.

Male shockwave therapy offers a noninvasive treatment option with no downtime

Male shockwave therapy is a safe treatment modality for improving one’s sexual health. In addition to its effectiveness, it doesn’t cause the pain or downtime of previous methods, which included surgical procedures that were likely to put you out for a long time.

Additionally, it doesn’t cause potential side effects like the medications prescribed to treat ED. Patients needed to consistently take those medications, which may not have produced the desired results.

But shockwave therapy only takes a few weeks, generally three, with sessions scheduled twice a week for a total of six sessions. The sessions are fast and easy, taking about 15 minutes for a noninvasive procedure that causes almost no discomfort. We simply pass a handheld device over the targeted area, and its low-intensity sound waves improve circulatory health and inspire blood flow.

Once you’ve completed your six (or the number based on your unique needs) sessions, the results may last for more than a year. And with no downtime after this gentle yet efficient treatment, you won’t have to take time off work or spend your recuperation period resting. Instead, you’re free to go about your normal routine and enjoy life.

Let us help restore your sexual health with male shockwave therapy

Our physicians at Burke Wellness are thrilled to offer male shockwave therapy. This advanced ED treatment can yield significant results in a noninvasive way with no downtime and minimal side effects.

Its long-lasting rewards can give you a jolt of confidence, enhance your function and sensation, and help you enjoy improved intimacy! If you’d like to explore your options for an improved sex life, contact us today to learn more about male shockwave therapy with Dr. Thomas Burke in Newark, DE.

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