How Can Erectile Dysfunction be Managed at Home?

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Millions of American men have erectile dysfunction (ED). Many may be hesitant to discuss the issue, but getting over this hesitation is the first step toward improving one’s sexual health. And Dr. Thomas Burke would love to help enhance your function, sensation, and desire through a personalized treatment plan.

Your plan will include things you can do to manage ED at home, as well as revolutionary in-office techniques like male shockwave therapy. Your journey can begin right now with a call to our expert team at Burke Wellness in Newark, DE.

How can erectile dysfunction (ED) be managed at home?

Avoid smoking, of course, since it has detrimental effects on all bodily systems, including the circulatory system that controls one’s ability to achieve and sustain a firm, long-lasting erection that allows for meaningful intercourse. Excessive drinking can also cause cellular harm, so limiting alcohol consumption may yield myriad benefits beyond the reproductive system.

Diet is also important, so consume healthy fare that provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Nutritious foods include fruits, veggies, legumes, nuts and seeds, fish, and lean protein sources.

Exercise can also be an essential driver of overall health, producing beneficial responses throughout the body. There are mental benefits as well since exercise can reduce anxiety. Similarly, since stress has been linked to ED, stress-reduction strategies may be useful, including activities like yoga, walking, meditation, enjoying nature, and other strategies we can outline for you.

Obesity, diabetes, and other chronic conditions affect the prevalence of ED, so the resultant weight loss from an improved diet and exercise regimen can yield favorable results.

Improve your results and reduce the effects of ED through male shockwave therapy

While you can do certain things at home to improve your sensation, sensitivity, and function, we’re also excited to offer you one of the most effective in-office treatments: male shockwave therapy. It utilizes the efficiency of LI-ESWT, or low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy. In other terms, it delivers gentle sound waves that cause no damage or stress yet reach deep into the penile tissues to improve circulation and stimulate cellular health from the inside out.

Male shockwave therapy has many other advantages. First, it’s easy. It doesn’t require any work or inconvenience. It’s a virtually painless procedure that may cause a slight tingling sensation as we pass the Alma Duo handpiece over the targeted area. And that’s all this straightforward and noninvasive procedure entails. You’ll be all done after about 15 – 20 minutes, during which you simply relax in our comfortable treatment room.

The gentle, low-intensity nature of the sound waves means there’s no downtime, so you’ll be free to go about your everyday tasks once you leave our office. For best results, we recommend six sessions. These sessions are generally scheduled twice a week, across three weeks, after which you may enjoy more than a year of improved sexual potency and desire.

Enjoy virtually painless ED improvements through noninvasive male shockwave therapy

Would you like to improve your sexual health without suffering the pain and side effects of outdated techniques? And reap the rewards of increased sensation and function with no downtime, surgeries, or drugs? If so, male shockwave therapy can make that possible.

Medical advancements have made ED treatments more straightforward and more effective than ever. So, if you’d like to explore the most innovative options, please contact us at Burke Wellness to schedule an appointment with Dr. Thomas Burke in Newark, DE.

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