How Long After Male Shockwave Therapy Can You Have Sex?

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Many physiological issues used to require complicated, potentially ineffective medical techniques. It's especially true in the realm of male health. Older treatments, such as those for erectile dysfunction (ED), included surgical procedures or drugs. These options could sideline you for an extended period or cause various adverse side effects. And they don't assure you of better sexual wellness afterward.

Fortunately, newer and better techniques can provide life-changing results without the drawbacks or risks. One of the flagship ED treatments is known as male shockwave therapy. Also called LI-ESWT (low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy), it utilizes sound waves to help yield intimacy-improving sexual function, stamina, and sensation.

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How long after male shockwave therapy can I have sex?

Unlike other treatments, not just for sexual concerns but for almost all issues, male shockwave therapy does not need to cause any stress, and it is noninvasive. This makes it one of the few modalities with virtually zero downtime, so you're good to go right after treatment. You'll be free to enjoy daily activities – and this will likely include sex on the same day, though the specifics are patient-dependent.

However, we'll clear up any questions you may have once you see us for your comprehensive consultation, and Dr. Burke can ascertain your medical and lifestyle factors. Based on your expectations and unique needs, we'll tailor the best possible solution for you. Generally, this will require about six sessions. For many patients, we typically schedule two sessions per week for three weeks. It's convenient and doesn't take long, unlike the more involved and outdated ED treatments of the medical past. And it doesn't require any work or preparation on your part. You'll simply relax in our comfortable treatment room while we pass the Alma Duo handpiece over the targeted treatment area.

What makes male shockwave therapy such a revolutionary treatment?

The gentle but potent sound waves will reach deep into the penile tissues, stimulating nervous and circulatory wellness while kick-starting cell renewal from the inside out. This procedure is as short and easy as it is effective, and should take no longer than about 20 minutes. Afterward, you may go about your day as usual. Many patients notice an improvement in sensation, function, or both after a couple of sessions, and once you've undergone your full shockwave regimen, the results can last for over a year. That's over a year of improved sex, with the ability to achieve and maintain stronger, firmer, larger erections. Your stamina will increase as well, leading to fulfilling intercourse that can leave you and your partner satisfied.

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Thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, and our expert physicians at Burke Wellness, all these benefits can be yours without any trouble or pain. You'll also gain a nice confidence boost, which you'll find following you throughout your day and imbuing you with an additional zest for life.

You won't spend hours in a treatment chair or be sidelined for who knows how long after. You'll just be a healthier, more confident version of yourself. If you are interested in learning more about potentially life-changing results, contact Dr. Thomas Burke today and schedule a consultation in Newark, DE.

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