How Much Longer Will Erections Last After Male Shockwave Therapy?

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At Burke Wellness in Newark, DE, our physicians are dedicated to your total health. One aspect that many men feel hesitant to discuss is sexual wellness. Male issues, like erectile dysfunction, can drain life enjoyment, reduce one’s confidence, and even jeopardize a promising or cherished relationship.

It’s vital to understand what’s causing your woes so that we can take the proper action. This is why male shockwave therapy is such an indispensable modern tool: it can effectively treat numerous issues, resulting in improved sexual health. All you have to do to find out more about this revolutionary technique is contact us and schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Thomas Burke.

What makes male shockwave therapy an effective option for so many men?

Male shockwave therapy utilizes low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy (LI-ESWT). More simply, this tech harnesses the inherent power of soundwaves to help create fundamental, long-lasting improvements for sexual wellness. By stimulating the various tissues in the penis, shockwave therapy can attack the underlying cause of ED and other issues that lead to unsatisfying, unfulfilling intimacy.

One of the best things about male shockwave therapy is that it's accessible to the majority of men that desire improved intimacy with their loved ones.

How much longer will erections last after male shockwave therapy?

This intervention does not necessitate the options of old, which included surgery that caused inconvenience and could put one out for a significant period. Our medical experts won’t put you on a routine of drugs, which could cause side effects and wear off quickly. Plus, they don’t address the root of the problem.

Shockwave therapy can enhance sexual wellness in a noninvasive way. First, we pass the Alma Duo™ handpiece over the treatment area. Then, you’re done. In a single step, you can enjoy long-lasting effects that can improve overall sexual health by increasing sensation and boosting performance. Additionally, men can benefit from firmer erections that last longer and may boast increased size.

While it’s hard to put a specific figure on how much longer erections will last or how much more stamina you’ll gain, it’s not an exaggeration to say that it may be dramatic. After shockwave therapy, many men achieve a fulfilling sex life. And these fantastic results could last for a year or more.

Improved sexual health can be yours

Shockwave therapy has numerous benefits, including more potent erections, and increased stamina and performance. You can experience these benefits through simple, quick, and safe shockwave therapy. The results may be life-changing, and we don’t just mean your sex life. The confidence you’ll gain could provide a pep in your step that transcends the bedroom and re-energizes your entire routine.

Don’t wait any longer if you desire better intimacy and the opportunity to get closer to your partner. Reach out to us today at Burke Wellness in Newark, DE to explore your options with Dr. Thomas Burke.

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