How Often Should You Get Male Shockwave Therapy?

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At Burke Wellness, we’re devoted to your total well-being, and Dr. Thomas Burke is thrilled to help you enjoy improved sexual health and intimacy through the revolutionary male shockwave therapy. Tens of millions of American men experience sexual difficulties from time to time, and it shouldn’t cause alarm if you have an occasional off night.

But if it becomes common or persistent, and you find it challenging to achieve or maintain a firm erection, then you may be a great candidate for safe, quick, and effective shockwave therapy. A transformed sex life can give you the confidence boost you need to excel in the bedroom and throughout daily life, without physiological worries bogging you down during your day-to-day activities. So, contact our office today to learn more in Newark, DE.

The many benefits of male shockwave therapy

Male shockwave therapy is as straightforward as it is effective. We utilize the cutting-edge Alma Duo™ technology, which delivers the biologically boosting effects of sound waves through a handheld device. It’s a virtually painless outpatient procedure that does away with the outdated ones of days past. No longer must patients endure surgical methods, which can be inconvenient, painful, and require lengthy downtime.

Shockwave therapy is also an excellent alternative to drugs, which may not always provide the desired results and may cause numerous side effects as well. Shockwave tech also works through a more fundamental modality, inspiring changes at the deepest levels. It’s gentle-acting, too, so it doesn’t cause any of the tissue damage that obsolete procedures once incurred. To find out why so many past patients have raved about their results at Burke Wellness, let us create a personalized treatment plan for you.

How often should you get male shockwave therapy?

LI-ESWT (low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy) offers better results without the risk of physical bodily damage or inconvenience. There’s virtually no downtime, pain, or notable side effects to worry about. We simply pass the Alma Duo handpiece over the penile tissues, which are stimulated by the low-intensity sound waves.

The result is increased blood flow and cellular stimulation that gets to the root of the issue. The procedure only takes 15 to 20 minutes and may cause a slight tingling sensation. Multiple treatments are recommended, and we typically advise six sessions for your optimal outcome. These are spaced two per week for three consecutive weeks. Many men report improvements after just two sessions, and the results are likely to last for a year or more, making this technique well worth your time.

See why so many men love their shockwave therapy results

Overall, past patients have been thrilled with their results: longer-lasting, stronger, firmer erections along with more stamina and even improved sensation and function. And the bit of extra confidence is a nice bonus. Just as importantly, their partners are thrilled to enjoy renewed, reinvigorated intimacy.

So why wait? Six short sessions might be all that’s necessary to gain a year or more of fantastic function and sensation. To explore your options, please get in touch with us today at Burke Wellness in Newark, DE, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Thomas Burke.

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