How Safe is Male Shockwave Therapy?

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Our physicians at Burke Wellness are committed to helping you enjoy the full spectrum of health and well-being. This includes the harder-to-talk-about issues as well, like the sexual concerns that may be uncomfortable to discuss.

But they shouldn’t be, and getting over that initial hump of hesitation can yield tremendous benefits to your sexual and overall wellness. In an easy and accessible way, thanks to the experience of Dr. Thomas Burke and the utilization of male shockwave therapy in Newark, DE. So, contact us today to learn more.

Why should I opt for male shockwave therapy?

The real question is, why not? Male shockwave therapy offers one of the most advanced treatments for an age-old problem. A problem that many men are hesitant to discuss because it’s so personal. The treatments of the past relied on surgical procedures or medications that one had to commit to for a lengthy term.

The consequences, respectively, were long recovery periods and pain or recurring side effects. And patients didn’t always get the results they hoped for since these obsolete methods were not as consistent as their modern counterpart – male shockwave therapy. This provides more effective and efficient treatment while negating all those old, undesirable side effects.

You may be a candidate for male shockwave therapy if you’re unhappy with your sexual capacity. For example, if the effects of erectile dysfunction (ED) are making it difficult to achieve an erection and you cannot maintain a firm erection to have meaningful intercourse.

Those who consistently face these issues may benefit from LI-ESWT (low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy). This state-of-the-art technology can improve your sensation, function, and the overall intensity of your erections so you can engage in fulfilling, intimacy-and-confidence-boosting intercourse.

Many past patients have raved about the rewards of male shockwave therapy, such as the ability to achieve longer, firmer, more long-lasting erections.

How safe is male shockwave therapy?

Shockwave therapy is quick, simple, and noninvasive. You won’t have to suffer any injections, surgeries, or medications. Instead, the procedure is applied through a handheld device, which delivers gentle yet stimulating sound waves to the targeted region.

Afterward, there’s no downtime or recovery necessary, so you’re free to enjoy the rest of your day as normal. Any after-effects, which are uncommon, are usually minor and short-lived.

The procedure only requires about 15 minutes per session, but the effects are more profound than these short treatment times would have you think. Generally, we recommend six sessions for the optimal outcome. These would be typically scheduled two per week for three consecutive weeks.

In less than a month, patients enjoy improved sexual health and better intimacy. The results are not only profound, they’re long-lasting, with many patients experiencing the shockwave benefits more than a year after their procedure.

Get a new lease on (your sex) life

Want to improve your sexual health in a simple, virtually painless way? Male shockwave therapy may be the technique to transform your intimate life and function.

Tissue stimulation and increased circulation can re-energize you from the inside out without any pain or downtime. So, explore your options with Dr. Thomas Burke at Burke Wellness in Newark, DE.

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