Four Things to Avoid With Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects more than 30 million men in the United States. There are many causes and influences, including those that may be hard or impossible to control. However, many are controllable. And Dr. Thomas Burke would love to help you make the right lifestyle choices, which could significantly impact how well you feel and perform, both in the bedroom and elsewhere. The following items are some of the most important to avoid to help improve your outcome and help prevent or manage ED.

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1) Avoid smoking and drugs, and limit alcohol consumption

Smoking introduces many toxins into one’s body and is detrimental to every bodily system. The heart and blood vessels of the circulatory system are especially impacted, as these tissues suffer heavy damage in those who smoke. Even without accounting for circulatory harm, smoking has been found to influence ED, and avoiding smoking is beneficial for both sexual function and in general.

Alcohol can have an effect, too, and it’s recommended that individuals with ED limit their consumption. Drugs, both illicit and prescription, may also play a role. So it’s always best to seek a professional opinion at Burke Wellness so that we may help get to the root of the problem.

2) Avoid inactivity

One of the best ways to boost overall health is through physical activity. Regular physical activity improves daily life and is a great way to increase one’s all-around wellness. Even though initially embarking on a workout journey may seem daunting, there are plenty of ways to make it accessible and enjoyable.

It isn’t necessary that individuals pursue high-intensity exercise or attempt to lift the heaviest weights – even something light like walking, yoga, or engaging in extra house-or-yard work can prove beneficial. Activity can also help individuals lose weight, and attaining and maintaining a healthy weight could yield great results for those experiencing ED.

3) Avoid poor dietary choices and habits

Along with a routine exercise plan, eating right can significantly improve well-being. Not just overall well-being, but better sexual function as well, since sexual function is a synergy of multiple body systems, including the circulatory and the nervous systems. Avoiding excess intake of certain macronutrients, including the fats and sugars that are so common in junk foods, is vital. Yet these macronutrients aren’t necessarily bad.

The healthy fats found in avocados, nuts, seeds, fish, and other foods should be staples in one’s diet. Sugar-wise, fruits are among the most nutritious items one can choose, thanks to their vitamins, minerals, fiber, and low-calorie-to-volume content. Leafy greens are also loaded with nutrients and increase satiety, as do whole-grain foods, beans, and legumes.

4) Avoid or manage certain conditions

Multiple diseases and conditions are linked to ED. These include diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and mental considerations. Depression, anxiety, and stress are also all implicated with ED. Overall, the impactors are many and may be complex. Yet we’ve helped countless patients enjoy a vastly improved outcome, and we’d love to do the same for you.

Let us help you enjoy better sexual health

It may seem difficult to account for all of the previously listed factors, but that’s why our professionals at Burke Wellness are here for you. We’ll go over all relevant lifestyle aspects, medical considerations, and more to create a personalized action plan for your unique needs.

Some tweaks, potentially in conjunction with easy and effective treatments, like male shockwave therapy, can transform your intimate life. To get started, just get in touch today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Thomas Burke in Newark, DE.

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