Three Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction in Adult Men

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Sexual health disorders, like erectile dysfunction (ED), are among the most disruptive and delicate. They can completely upend one’s life, and while effective solutions may exist, many men are hesitant to seek help.

We strive to reverse this unnecessary stigma by fostering a friendly environment where you can discuss your expectations and hopes without worrying about judgment or embarrassment. At Burke Wellness, our practice is a completely confidential zone created for your comfort. So, if you’re experiencing any difficulties or have any concerns, please get in touch with us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Thomas Burke in Newark, DE.

Three symptoms of erectile dysfunction in adult men

1) Diminished erections or trouble achieving or maintaining erections: A healthy erection depends on multiple body systems working in concert, especially the circulatory and nervous systems. The nervous system sends out a cascade of signals, and in response, the circulatory system directs blood into the penis. It is then temporarily trapped in the corpus cavernosa, or two chambers made of erectile tissue. Once intercourse has concluded, nerve signals conduct a reverse operation, and circulation leads blood out of the penis and back into the systemic flow.

Yet ED can throw a monkey wrench into these physiological plans, resulting in inadequate erections, which may be difficult or impossible to achieve or maintain. This may result in a loss of firmness, size, sensation, and function, culminating in unsatisfactory performance and drastically reduced stamina.

2) Performance anxiety: ED is a complicated matter with many relevant aspects. One very relevant yet often underappreciated or poorly understood aspect is mental. First off, psychological factors can influence ED and sexual function. Depression, anxiety, and other mental issues can exacerbate or lead to a detrimental cycle of sexual dysfunction. As can stress, which impacts the body negatively in many ways.

That previously mentioned cycle can be vicious and self-perpetuating. The troubles associated with ED can cause performance anxiety that leaves men dreading intercourse or worrying that they won’t be able to engage in fulfilling intercourse and will leave their partner unsatisfied.

3) Decreased life enjoyment: This mental burden can affect one’s relationship, leading to dissatisfaction and potentially sabotaging a promising future with your loved one.

And when one’s confidence is shaken, the consequences extend beyond the bedroom and can hinder other social attempts, drain life enjoyment while doing other tasks, or create a distraction from academic or work obligations. But you’re not alone; Dr. Burke understands all these issues and has helped many past patients regain their confidence and overall life enjoyment.

Fear not; we offer a game-changing solution

Even though ED can wreak these detrimental effects and cause much frustration, we’re here to help you find an optimal outcome. And we can do so through a time-tested and clinically proven method known as male shockwave therapy, also called LI-ESWT (low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy).

This outpatient procedure is considered painless and only takes about 20 minutes to perform. It requires no surgical procedures or drugs, only the passing of a handheld device over the target area. After about six treatments, scheduled twice per week for three weeks, patients can enjoy more than a year of improved erections and transformed sexual wellness.

Regain your confidence with shockwave therapy

Six quick and virtually painless treatments for potentially more than a year of dramatically improved intimacy? It sounds too good to be true, but that’s modern medical science. Problems that once involved painful, lengthy, inconvenient, or costly procedures can now be corrected in a much easier fashion.

That’s the beauty of shockwave therapy for men. And Dr. Thomas Burke would love to explore your options with you. So, don’t hesitate to contact us today at Burke Wellness in Newark, DE.

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