When Should a Man Visit the Doctor if He Suspects He has ED?

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects tens of millions of men in the United States. Multiple factors can influence ED, such as nervous and circulatory function, and various systemic conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and more. Other factors, including psychological or using certain medications, could also be implicated.

One of your best options is to seek an expert opinion in Newark, DE to determine if you’re experiencing ED. And if so, to receive a treatment strategy for your optimal outcome. Dr. Thomas Burke can provide that, so contact us at Burke Wellness to explore your options, including the revolutionary male shockwave therapy.

When should a man visit his doctor if he suspects he has ED?

There are multiple signs that one should seek a professional opinion. For example, if you have concerns about your functional capabilities or no longer experience the same level of sensation that you used to. Or if certain other symptoms present themselves, including premature or delayed ejaculation, or if you notice a reduction in sexual desire. For some, the effects of ED can cause a cycle of negative feelings that leads to anxiety, possibly due to hesitancy or inability to engage in intimacy.

ED has numerous risk factors, and therefore numerous potential avenues for treatment or improvement. While the circulatory and nervous systems are impactful in triggering the nerve signals and filling the penis with blood, overall health plays a huge role – as it does for many conditions. So, we invite you to see us in Newark, DE, if you have any concerns about how your overall health could be affecting your sexual function and sensation.

We’re here to help you lead the healthiest, most enjoyable life possible. So, if you have any concerns about your performance or any other aspect of your sexual wellness, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Through a comprehensive consultation, Dr. Burke can create the most effective treatment plan possible based on your specific needs.

Male shockwave therapy provides a simple solution

One amazing treatment option is male shockwave therapy. Also known as LI-ESWT (low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy), this advanced modality doesn’t require the painful, side-effect-causing treatment techniques that many used to suffer through for the possibility of ED relief. Male shockwave therapy is more effective and efficient.

It does not require scalpels, drugs, or any other convoluted procedure. Instead, it utilizes low-intensity sound waves to gently improve circulation throughout the penis. With increased blood flow and sonic stimulation, erections become firmer and may benefit from an apparent increase in size. Stamina is also improved, along with the confidence boost that accompanies better intimacy. Many past patients are thrilled with their results, and so are their partners.

And unlike other treatments, there are almost no contraindications that would preclude you from seeking this game-changing therapy. If you’re unhappy with your performance, experienced a decrease in sexual desire, or have difficulty engaging in fulfilling intercourse, male shockwave therapy can provide just what the doctor ordered.

Reverse the effects of ED with male shockwave therapy

Sexual issues are among the toughest to discuss, but they don’t have to be. At Burke Wellness, we don’t judge, and we’ve cultivated a confidential, comfortable setting where you can freely discuss your concerns and expectations with Dr. Thomas Burke.

Our physicians know how important sexual health can be to overall well-being, and we’d like to help you improve your quality of life through male shockwave therapy. So, reach out to us in Newark, DE, to learn more.

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