Will I be in Pain After Male Shockwave Therapy?

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Male sexual issues affect millions every year. And at Burke Wellness, we understand that sexual health is an integral component of total well-being and daily happiness. So, Dr. Thomas Burke is proud to provide a potentially game-changing option, male shockwave therapy.

By increasing blood flow using the gentle yet potent action of sound waves, we can help patients enjoy many possible benefits, including improved function, performance, stamina, and sensation, all the while increasing one’s libido and offering a confidence boost. So, contact us today to learn more in Newark, DE.

Will I be in pain after male shockwave therapy?

Male shockwave therapy offers multiple benefits for those who would like to increase their function and performance. For one, it should not cause pain during or following your procedure. Its almost painless nature is due to its modality: there are no incisions, vacuums, or potentially pain-causing methods because male shockwave therapy utilizes the gentle power of sound waves.

In addition, applying male shockwave therapy is remarkably straightforward and only requires that you relax in our treatment room while we move the Alma Duo handpiece across the targeted tissues.

The sound waves dispersed are beneficial for multiple reasons, including their ability to pass through the skin and other superficial structures and into the deep penile tissues, providing the possibility of a fundamental solution that increases sexual well-being from the inside out.

Plus, sound waves have been clinically proven to exert a positive effect on bodily tissues. By delivering this acoustic energy directly to the cellular structures within the penis, we can inspire profound stimulation to increase blood flow.

Increased circulation and blood flow can dramatically affect one’s sexual function, performance, and sensation. Especially considering that poor circulation can be one of the primary drivers behind erectile dysfunction (ED) and other issues that can rob men of the ability to achieve or sustain an erection and engage in fulfilling intercourse.

Male shockwave therapy can be part of your personalized treatment plan

There may be various other criteria that affect a patient’s capabilities. They include the functioning of the nervous system, medications they may be taking, stress, lifestyle factors like smoking, and numerous chronic conditions like hypertension or diabetes. Weighing all these aspects is part of the compassionate, detail-attentive care you receive at Burke Wellness, and Dr. Burke will discuss your needs, goals, and other concerns to create a personalized treatment plan for you.

Your needs-specific treatment plan may include multiple therapeutic avenues, including lifestyle modifications. But the cornerstone of your wellness strategy may involve male shockwave therapy.

Generally, we recommend six sessions for best results, and these sessions will be scheduled two per week over three weeks. Each takes no longer than 15 minutes or so, and results will potentially be more long-lasting, as some patients can enjoy a year or more of improved function and sensation.

Explore your options for improved sex life and a confidence boost

Male shockwave therapy offers an advanced solution for age-old concerns, without the drawbacks of outdated techniques. This modern modality is quick, easy, and safe, and has almost no pain or downtime. And you benefit from our experience and expertise as well at Burke Wellness. Simply call or message us today to explore your options with Dr. Thomas Burke in Newark, DE.

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