Will Sexual Desire Increase After Male Shockwave Therapy?

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Sexual health issues can be detrimental, not just in the bedroom but in terms of overall mental and physical health. We invite you to discuss your concerns and expectations with our caring physicians at Burke Wellness. There’s no reason to feel self-conscious or to worry about complicated, painful treatments.

Male shockwave therapy does away with side effects, extended recovery periods, and pain to give you cutting-edge results in the easiest possible fashion. And you can explore your options in Newark, DE by contacting us today to set up an appointment with Dr. Thomas Burke.

What makes male shockwave therapy such a popular, efficient treatment option?

Sexual problems have been around forever, but it’s only more recently in medical history that they can be effectively and safely treated. And LI-ESWT (low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy) is one of the most revolutionary advances in that department, as it offers all the benefits of previous treatments without the drawbacks. These benefits are better than ever because outdated methods didn’t always work or provide the results desired by the many patients who undertook them.

For example, these obsolete methods of the past involved complicated surgical procedures, an assortment of prescription medications, or corrective vacuums. The results were inconsistent, painful, and inconvenient, with long recovery times. Additionally, drugs could cause a variety of side effects for little gain, as the results were not long-lasting and required patients to keep taking these medications.

Will my sexual desire increase after male shockwave therapy?

At the other end of the spectrum, male shockwave therapy works through a new modality, utilizing the gentle healing powers of low-intensity sound waves. The sound energy reaches deep into the tissues to work its magic at the deepest levels, stimulating the penile tissues and cellular renewal.

The increase in circulation also combats one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders, which are often caused or exacerbated by an inability of the circulatory or nervous systems to supply the blood or nervous signals necessary for achieving and maintaining the erections necessary for meaningful intercourse.

Yet shockwave therapy can fix these problems, allowing nutrient-rich blood to get into, and remain in, the penis. The overall effects are many, profound, and longer-lasting. Countless patients have been amazed at the transformation and now enjoy consistently firmer, larger erections and improved stamina.

Many also boast of increased sensation and function, leading to better sexual desire and a more fulfilling sex life for themselves and their partners. The confidence boost and potential for extra intimacy can transform your daily life and relationship. Additionally, male shockwave therapy can dispel the anxiety that once gripped patients who once struggled with sexual health.

Re-energize your love life

Who wouldn’t want to feel better, both in and out of the bedroom? Sexual wellness is an essential part of your life and general well-being, and you no longer have to settle for a subpar performance or the anxiety and other negative consequences of ED and other troubles.

Male shockwave therapy can be a game-changer, and you don’t have to suffer for it, as the treatment is quick, and easy, and the results can last for over a year. If you’d like to find out how Dr. Thomas Burke can help you in Newark, DE, please reach out to us today at Burke Wellness.

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